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Discover the Charm and Professionalism of Katie: Augusta Officiant’s British Gem. Athens Officiant.

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

When it comes to one’s wedding day, the smallest details can create the most memorable moments. Augusta Officiant prides itself on being a preferred wedding officiant in Athens, GA, and a huge part of our charm and success can be attributed to the dedicated and multi-talented Katie.

Katie: The International Flair at Augusta Officiant

Originally from the UK, Katie not only brings her heartwarming British accent to every ceremony she officiates but also a touch of international elegance that resonates with many couples. Picture this: An international wedding officiant with a British accent that lends an air of sophistication and class to your big day. For those who might want a touch of continental charm, Katie, as a French wedding officiant, can also seamlessly perform ceremonies in French, adding a romantic flair that’s sure to captivate every guest.

From Athens to Augusta: Katie’s Journey

Moving to the USA after marrying Nicholas, Katie rapidly established herself as a key figure in the community. Today, she’s an ordained wedding officiant for all faiths in Georgia. Besides being an officiant, she’s also an active wedding minister in Athens, GA. Those seeking a non-denominational wedding officiant in Athens, GA or a wedding ceremony officiant near the 30601 area would find Katie's services both impeccable and affordable.

Katie’s journey is a testimony of love and dedication. Along with raising her two biological children and a foster child, she’s also a fervent advocate for women’s rights, working diligently with local politicians in Georgia to promote women’s medical freedom.

Her business acumen is equally commendable. Katie’s expertise in managing local companies shines through in her role at Augusta Officiant, especially in the realms of social media management and handling of back page channels.

Why Choose Katie?

With Katie, you're not just getting an ordained minister in Athens, GA but a professional who embodies empathy, advocacy, and a rich cultural background. Whether you're looking for a wedding officiant near me or specifically in Athens, Katie stands out as a beacon of professionalism with a personal touch.

At Augusta Officiant, we believe that every couple deserves a ceremony that’s as unique as their love story. With Katie on board, rest assured, your special day will be both memorable and enchanting.

A couple kiss in a flower garden with the officiant stood to the side with an open book.
A female athens officiant looks on as she pronounces them husband and wife


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