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Busy Week for Augusta Wedding Officiant

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Hey there, friends, family, and future newlyweds,

Nicholas here from Augusta Officiant, your friendly neighborhood minister and professional "I Do" guru! Strap in and grab your confetti because I'm about to take you on the whirlwind that was my week - spoiler alert, it was less 'a walk down the aisle' and more 'a marathon with rings.'

Friday - 'Vow' to Have a Good Time We kicked off in North Augusta, not with a brand new "I do," but with an "I still do!" I had the honor of presiding over a renewal ceremony that was less a redo and more a "We're still awesome at this marriage thing." Working with Allgood Events meant everything was, predictably, all good. They planned, I officiated, and the couple... well, they were too busy being adorably in love again. We are overjoyed that Allgood Events chose Augusta Wedding Officiant to pick up this wedding when their officiant had to cancel.

Super Saturday - Or Should I Say, 'Renewalpalooza' Just when I thought Friday took the (wedding) cake, Saturday said, "Hold my bouquet." We started with a Mosley family renewal in Augusta – and if you think round two of vows isn't twice as fun, you've never seen a grandma do the "Cupid Shuffle."

Then I zipped to Jekyll Island for the Chazelle wedding, which was a beach bash that nearly made me forget I was working. Nothing says 'I'm a professional' like sand between your toes and a seashell in your pocket (note to self: shake out suit before court weddings).

Sunday - Double the Fun or Double Booking? Who needs a day of rest when you've got love to officiate? My day was a double-header with back-to-back meetings that made me wish I had a coffee IV. But we're not about that 'rest' life - we're about that 'best day ever' life.

First stop: Charleston, where the wedding was so charming, even the Spanish moss was blushing. Charleston weddings have a way of turning the romance up to an 11, and folks, we were at a solid 12.

Then off to Macon, where the wedding game is strong, and the love stories are longer than the peach season. You haven't seen a party until you've seen a Macon wedding send-off complete with sparklers and a high chance of unexpected fireworks.

Final Thoughts So, what have we learned? Fall weddings are the new summer weddings, Georgia weddings could give Cupid a run for his money, and if you need an officiant who can be in three places at once, call me. Maybe. Just give me a minute to catch my breath.

As for me, I'm considering hiring a doppelganger for days like these, or at least getting a pair of rollerblades. Until next time, keep loving, keep laughing, and keep saying "I do" (or "I still do," because why not?).

With love and a touch of exhaustion, Nicholas - The Augusta Officiant who almost mastered teleportation

Georgia Wedding Officiant looks on as a couple kiss.
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