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Nicholas: The Heart and Soul of Augusta Officiant. South Carolina and Georgia Officiant.

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

When searching for the best wedding officiant in Georgia or even the best wedding officiant in South Carolina, the name "Nicholas" from Augusta Officiant invariably emerges at the top. There's a reason why Nicholas has garnered such widespread recognition across cities like Augusta, Savannah, Charleston, Macon, Marietta, Athens, Atlanta, and even as far as Lexington and Columbia, SC.

A Rich Tapestry of Experience and Dedication

Nicholas isn’t just an ordained minister or your typical wedding officiant. His journey from Flint, Michigan, to Port St Lucie, Florida, and ultimately to becoming an integral part of the Augusta community is a testimony to his diverse experiences and deep commitment to love and unity. With an impressive record of over 250 weddings, he stands out not just as a wedding ceremony officiant but as a storyteller, ensuring that each ceremony he officiates is a reflection of the unique love stories of the couples he works with.

His commitment extends beyond just officiating weddings. As a US Navy veteran, minister, and pastor, Nicholas embodies values of dedication, respect, and love. This shines through in his commitment to non-discrimination and his passion for welcoming and embracing all kinds of weddings.

Family – At the Heart of Everything

While Nicholas's professional achievements are laudable, it's his personal journey that adds depth to his role as a wedding officiant. Meeting the love of his life, Katie, in 2008 and getting married in 2009, Nicholas not only understands the sanctity of marriage but also the beauty of family. With two sons, Evander and Belamy-John, and in the midst of adopting a special needs foster son, Nicholas’s world revolves around love, commitment, and understanding. It’s worth noting the delightful addition of Phoebe Fettuccine, the family dog, adding that touch of warmth and playfulness to their household.

His dedication to learning ASL to communicate with their new family member and his fervent support for the foster care system, alongside Katie, is truly inspiring. When you look for a wedding officiant near me or specifically in areas like North Augusta, Nicholas stands out not just for his professional acumen but for his heart.

Giving Back: A Commitment Beyond Business

What sets Nicholas apart is his unwavering commitment to give back. A substantial portion of the officiating profits he earns goes towards the Augusta Birth Center, a noble 501c3 organization co-directed with his wife, Katie.

Book Your Dates with Nicholas!

Given his popularity, especially after being approached to collaborate with an international DJ and wedding planner, it’s no surprise that slots with Nicholas are filling up quickly. If you're looking for a wedding officiant with availability in 2023 or 2024, especially in regions like Charleston, Savannah, or Augusta, now is the time to secure your date.

In Nicholas, couples don't just find an officiant but a storyteller, a guide, and a friend who ensures their big day is as memorable, genuine, and heartwarming as their own journey of love.

A bride and groom stand in the botantical gardens infront of a young minister who has a book open
Nicholas, a Columbia Officiant, South Carolina Officiant ministers a wedding at the botanical gardens


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