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Meet Jonathan: The Wedding Officiant with a Hollywood Flair. South Carolina Weddings.

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Gearing up for your big day in Columbia, SC, or the wider CSRA region? Searching terms like “wedding officiant near me” or “wedding officiant in Lexington SC”? Look no further! We’re thrilled to introduce you to our gem of a wedding officiant, Jonathan!

Before joining the esteemed Augusta Officiant team, Jonathan enjoyed a vibrant career in Hollywood. This isn't just any officiant who’s going to read out your vows. Imagine having someone who has graced the screen with compelling roles, including a notable stint on the hit TV show "The Walking Dead." That's right! Jonathan's background as an actor not only makes him an engaging wedding ceremony officiant in Columbia SC, but it also lends a cinematic touch to your special day. His experience in front of the camera has endowed him with a unique skill set, ensuring that every wedding he officiates is nothing short of blockbuster worthy!

Jonathan transitioned into the world of weddings with a passion. After an insightful year in 2022, shadowing our veteran officiant Nicholas, he joined our team full-time in 2023. His versatility is evident. From traditional matrimonies to elopements, from custom vow renewals to heartfelt civil ceremonies, he has fast become a sought-after non-denominational wedding officiant in Columbia SC.

Above all, Jonathan is not just an ordained minister in Columbia SC; he's a storyteller, one who listens and weaves your unique love tale into a ceremony that resonates with authenticity, warmth, and personal touch.

Whether you’re making spontaneous nuptial plans or meticulously plotting each detail of your dream day in South Carolina, Jonathan promises to make it remarkable. His commitment to crafting ceremonies that echo your unique journey of love sets him apart as the wedding officiant South Carolina brides and grooms trust.

A man stands in a suit with a black tie.
Jonathan with Augusta Officiant. South Carolina Weddings.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? With Jonathan, you’re not just hiring an officiant; you’re inviting a touch of Hollywood glam to your wedding aisle. Let him help turn your wedding into the blockbuster event of the year!


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